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Current Undergraduate Students

Nutritional Sciences Kinesiology 18

The mission of the TCU Department of Nutritional Sciences is to support the mission of the University, college and programs within the department and to provide a distinctive program of study in all areas of nutrition and dietetics within a liberal arts setting. The faculty of the Department affirm their commitment to the education of broadly informed, scientifically competent, self-educating, and ethically responsible citizens who are capable of entering successful careers in food science, nutrition, and dietetics and are also cognizant of the needs of the community and society at large.

All programs of study lead to a Bachelor of Science degree. Students may choose from four major options:

These programs combine coursework emphasizing the foundations of dietetic knowledge and skills in communications, physical and biological sciences, social sciences, research, food, nutrition, management and healthcare systems. Each program also provides students with opportunities to enhance life-long skills with learning that develops personal and professional attitudes and values, reinforces ethical practices, and encourages leadership and decision-making skills.

Students are encouraged to take an active role in the university and professional community. Professional growth and leadership are essential components of academic preparation. Departmental honor courses are available to those who qualify. All nutritional sciences majors are encouraged to join the TCU Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association (SDNA), which provides continuing education opportunities, networking, and leadership experiences within the broad scope of nutrition and dietetics. Leadership, mentoring, and educational experiences are also available to students in the student-led Texas Student Dietetic Association (TSDA). Majors who become student members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the local affiliated chapters of AND and TAND enrich their collegiate experience through professional development and are eligible to apply for numerous scholarships sponsored by these organizations.

Phi Upsilon Omicron, an honorary society for related fields in consumer and family sciences, provides opportunities for membership to the upper level students. Phi U seeks to recognize academic excellence, develop personal and professional leadership, provide opportunities of service to the profession and encourage personal and professional integrity. Membership is extended by invitation to students who complete at least 40 semester hours, maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0, are in the top 35% of their class, and have indicated potential for leadership, service, integrity and professional attitude. Transfer students must have completed at least one semester at TCU for membership eligibility. Members are eligible to apply for Phi U scholarships.

More information about academic and professional opportunities available to Nutritional Sciences majors may be found at the following websites: