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1/29/2020 TCU Nutritional Sciences Student Newsletter – Fall 2019

Read the Fall 2019 edition of the TCU Nutritional Sciences Student Newsletter.

7/7/2019 Land of Plenty

Dr. Gina Hill is quoted in a recent article in the July/August 2019 issue of Madeworthy magazine.

6/18/2019 TCU Nutritional Sciences Student Newsletter – Spring 2019

Read the Spring 2019 edition of the TCU Nutrition Newsletter. A publication for students, written by students to provide current nutritional news and program information.

5/2/2019 Food Recovery Network – Alumni Spotlight: Petra Rack

Coordinated Program in Dietetics graduate Petra Rack, is currently pursuing her MS in Kinesiology at TCU, and was recently featured in an alumni spotlight article on the Food Recovery Network website.

1/9/2019 Breaking Bread by Jake Siegert (Blog Post)

Former student Jake Siegert, who is currently pursuing a Master’s in International Business, wrote a recent blog post about how sitting down to share meals and cook meals with people has influenced his life.

3/5/2019 17 of the Worst Eating Habits for Diabetes

Associate Professor Rebecca Dority was quoted in a recent Reader’s Digest article discussing the worst food choices for diabetics.