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Nutrition Minor

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A minor in nutrition may be earned through the Department of Nutritional Sciences. The minor in nutrition at TCU requires successful completion of 19 hours with a grade of “C” or better in each of the following courses. Classes for the minor in nutrition may not be taken on a Pass/No Credit basis.

Students will not be allowed to enroll in an NTDT course for the minor if they have not completed the prerequisite courses for that specific course. Therefore, faculty in the Department of Nutritional Sciences recommend that students review the prerequisite courses for each of the Nutrition Minor courses when deciding to declare the Nutrition Minor. Course prerequisite information is available on the registrar’s website.

The following five courses (13 hours) are required:

NTDT 10003 – Contemporary Issues in Nutrition (NSC, GA)
NTDT 10103 – Food Preparation

NTDT 20403 – Nutrition

NTDT 30113 – Infant and Child Nutrition (WEM)
NTDT 30123 – Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle (WEM)

NTDT 30233 – Essentials of Dietetics Practice

NTDT 30331 – Medical Terminology

The final two courses (six hours) for the minor in nutrition may be selected from the following:

NTDT 30133 – Meal Management
NTDT 30163 – Sports Nutrition
NTDT 30333 – Medical Nutrition Therapy I
NTDT 40333 – Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NTDT 40343 – Nutritional Biochemistry
NTDT 40363 – Community Nutrition (CSV)
NTDT 40403 – Research Methods in Nutrition (WEM)